Ronda rosé wine

Ronda rosé wine is tasty and elegant

If you are a rosé wine lover, you have come to the right place. Ronda is characterized by a privileged geographical location, surrounded by natural parks, which allows the development of high quality wines with their own personality.

Coming from various grape varieties, such as Tempranillo (also called Tinta del País) or Garnacha, mainly, you can also find rosé wines made from the Merlot and Syrah varieties.

Ronda's rosé wines, being typically monovarietal, that is, made from the must of a single grape variety, are highly marked by the kind of berry they come from. They are bright pink, some stop their increase in color and are paler, others are even reddish. They give off aromas with fruit nuances, especially red fruits, and rose petals. Its flavor is sweet and with a certain acidity, very refreshing.

Certain sparkling wines are also rosé, which have their own category:


Enjoy the award-winning rosé wine from Ronda: Lunares rosado, Cloe Rosé, Schatz rosado, CLA

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