Sweet wine from Ronda

The Ronda sweet wine is dense and delicately sweet

The proximity of the archaeological sites of the ancient city of Acinipo ("city of wine"), give Ronda the ancient tradition of viticulture since Roman times.

Unlike the red, white and rosé wines, the grapes for the sweet wines of Ronda have a very marked origin: they are monovarietal Moscatel de Alejandría. This type of berry - also called Moorish Moscatel - is native to northern Egypt and is widely used throughout the province of Malaga to make this type of wine that directly adopts the name of the grape.

Ronda muscatel wine has a clean, bright color, from pale straw to gold. Its aroma is sweet tropical fruit, peach, white flowers.

It is a very sweet wine, dense and fresh in its passage through the palate.

Enjoy the award-winning sweet wine from Ronda: BF Maestro muscat, With the permission muscatel, Andresito sweet muscatel

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