Red wine of Ronda

Red wine of Ronda is rich and diverse.

From the different vineyards of the mountain range, grapes of native varieties such as Petit Verdot or Tintilla de Rota are collected. Other more widespread varieties in other geographies such as Tempranillo (or Tinta del País), Syrah or Merlot. And you can also find many from other locations such as Cabernet Sauvignon that have accommodated well.

The peculiarity of the production in Ronda is the great temperature difference between its day and night. What makes the musts, most of them monovarietal or from a mixture of a predominant variety and a touch of another, uniquely Mediterranean, has at the same time an Atlantic influence.

In its maceration, the red ronda wine can have alcoholic fermentations, sometimes malolactic. And it is left to age in containers of different materials (steel, clay, oak) that can last from a few months to several years. They are then directly marketed or left to rest in their bottle for another period of time.

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